Beethoven TR Miticide/Insecticide

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Gain total control of mites and whiteflies with Beethoven Total Release miticide/insecticide. This potent fogger works effectively in rotation with other pest management products in the greenhouse. It provides excellent coverage, doesn't harm the plants and has versatile re-entry times. When whiteflies and mites have grown out of control, reduce their numbers, and take back control with Beethoven TR.

How Beethoven TR Works

Beethoven TR contains the active ingredient etoxazole, which affects all spider mites and suppresses whitefly species. It works as a growth inhibitor, preventing the mites from maturing into adults. Although it controls whiteflies, it only suppresses their numbers. Therefore, it's important to use Beethoven as part of an integrated pest management system with other products for full effectiveness and whitefly control.

Where to Use Beethoven TR

Use Beethoven TR in commercial greenhouses to reduce and control mite and whitefly infestations. Some application areas include:

  • Bedding plants
  • Cut flowers
  • Hanging baskets
  • Foliage
  • Potted plants
  • Ornamentals
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Beethoven TR Target Pests

Beethoven TR provides dependable control of mites in commercial greenhouses and planting nurseries. It targets all mites, including the two-spotted and red spider mite. It suppresses whitefly species in the greenhouse, such as giant, silverleaf and sweet potato whiteflies.

How to Use Beethoven TR

Place the Beethoven TR can at or above the plant canopy, and clear a 3-foot area around the can. Make sure to use the can at room temperature during application for the best results. In addition, close all vents and doors during treatment, and turn off all the horizontal airflow fans before activating Beethoven TR. Do not use this product on crops that are grown for consumption.

Benefits of Beethoven TR

  • Controls all spider mite species
  • Effective in rotation with other pest management products
  • Suppresses whitefly numbers for better plant health
  • Safe to use on numerous greenhouse plants
  • Applies easily with quick knockdown
  • Provides thorough coverage and excellent plant safety
  • Target Mites and Whiteflies With Beethoven TR

Control spider mites and whiteflies in the greenhouse before their numbers increase with Beethoven TR. One application starts to work immediately, providing thorough coverage throughout the canopy and knocking down the pests before they cause further harm. Beethoven TR is safe to use on most greenhouse plants and applies easily as a fogger. For more complete control, rotate it with other insecticides like Attain and 1300 Orthene. For better plant safety and health, turn to Beethoven TR miticide/insecticide fogger. 

Active Ingredient(s)

5% Etoxazole

Targets Pests

Spider Mites, Whiteflies, Two-Spotted Spider Mites

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