SugarFlo Bio Base Nutrition HC

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For a healthier, stronger crop, introduce SugarFlo Bio Base HC Nutrition to the soil. This bio-based product improves the nutrient flow in trees and promotes sugar production, resulting in sweeter and more nutritious apple, peach and cherry harvests. SugarFlo Bio Base HC contains a variety of minerals, fulvic acids and micronutrients that all trees need in order to grow and produce delicious fruits and nuts.

  • For use as a foliar spray
  • Does not burn fruit or foliage
  • Available immediately to the plants
  • Helps plants produce enzymes for immune protection and growth
  • Premixed and ready to use
  • Environmentally sensitive
  • No additional nitrogen required

Use SugarFlo Bio Base HC as a foliar spray or in irrigation systems and aerial applications. It treats stressed and damaged trees and improves their health for future harvests. SugarFlo also improves the trees’ resistance to diseases and pests, and it works in conjunction with other fertilizers for optimal results. For stronger trees and improved harvests, use SugarFlo Bio Base HC Nutrition.

Active Ingredient(s)

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Manufacturer Harvest Grow



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