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Mosquito Control: Getting Rid of Mosquitoes

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A tiger mosquito

One pest dominates in the summer months: mosquitoes. These bloodsucking insects appear during early spring in the South and become active throughout the country by June. In some states, they continue to pester humans and animals until late fall. Without professional mosquito control, you could be setting yourself up for a ton of mosquito bites this summer.

What Do Mosquitoes Look Like?

Mosquitoes are true flies, having one pair of wings and six long legs. Their bodies and wings are covered in scales, and the head has a long proboscis that the mosquito uses to suck blood from its victim. They range in size from 3 millimeters to 9 millimeters and may be confused with other pests such as crane flies, midges and wood gnats.

How Did I Get Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes inhabit most every yard in America during the summer, especially in hot and humid climates. However, you may be attracting more mosquitoes than usual to your property depending on different factors. Some of the reasons you may have a mosquito infestation include:

  • There's standing water on your property.
  • The gutters have been clogged for a while.
  • The grass and weeds have overgrown.

How Can I Get Rid of Mosquitoes?

Mosquito prevention is the best way to avoid an infestation. Doing things like reducing the amount of standing water on your property and maintaining the lawn helps to keep these pests at a minimum. Using natural mosquito repellent sometimes helps, such as planting catnip and keeping dishes of citronella on the deck. Mosquito misting systems work wonders at controlling the population, as well as spraying mosquito insecticide before and during the peak season.

A DIY Mosquito Pest Control Program

  • Mow the lawn to a short height, preferably 3 inches.
  • Pull up any weeds that have grown too tall.
  • Fill voids in sidewalks and driveways to prevent standing water.
  • Put away pet water dishes at night.
  • Empty and refill the birdbath each day.
  • Use a mosquito repellent for the yard.

You don't have to deal with mosquitoes in the summer. Take a preventative approach to mosquito control in the spring to prevent an infestation in the later months. If an infestation is keeping you indoors, Pedchem has numerous mosquito insecticide products to help you battle and take control over these nuisance and disease-carrying insect pests.

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