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Plant Growth Regulators

Plants get their nutrients from the rain, the sun and the soil. In ideal situations, these three things would provide all the nutrients that a plant would need to grow healthy and to become resistant to diseases and weather-related events such as droughts and floods. Unfortunately, the soil may not contain enough nutrients for flowers, trees and shrubs to reach their full potential.

What are Plant Nutrients?

Plant nutrients are vital for growth, health and development. The primary nutrients are phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen. Sulfur, magnesium and calcium are also vital for plant growth. Even if the soil usually provides these macronutrients and many other micronutrients for the plants, it's always good to provide additional nutrients whenever possible, especially if you're growing plants in a greenhouse or a nursery. When you buy plant nutrients, they come in the form of fertilizers and specialty mixtures.

How to Use Plant Nutrients

Applying plant nutrients to ornamentals, trees, shrubs and lawns depends on the species and other factors like the weather and the season. You wouldn't want to add a nitrogen-rich fertilizer in the summer when you could scorch the lawn. Always follow the label on the fertilizer or the nutrient package for the best results. If you're growing plants and want to extend their shelf life, it's recommended to use a plant growth regulator. It will reduce stem elongation while also promoting denser growth, which is ideal for flowering plants.

Plant Nutrients for Ornamentals

Pedchem carries a variety of plant nutrients for use on shrubs, flowerbeds, trees and lawns, including plant growth regulators to extend a plant's shelf life. Decide whether a granular or a liquid fertilizer would work best for your needs. Liquid provides quicker results, but it's easy to apply too much in the target area. Granular nutrients take a longer time to see results, but there's less risk involved. Regardless, both types contain vital nutrients for growth and development and will improve the look of plants in residential and commercial settings, including those that are grown indoors. Some of the common plant nutrients available here include:

  • Bonzi plant growth regulator
  • Cycocel plant growth regulator
  • Gravity 38 special plant nutrition
  • Gravity liquid fertilizers
  • Sumagic plant growth regulator


Keep Flowers Healthy With Plant Nutrients

If you want to maximize your plants' growth and development, use nutrient-rich fertilizers along with proper watering and routine maintenance. Adding plant nutrients will not only improve the plant's overall growth rate but also its appearance. Plants will look greener, have denser leaves and become more resistant to diseases. Whether you're looking to have a greener lawn or to extend your plants' shelf life, Pedchem has nutrients and growth regulators available to make your plants look their best.