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No matter where you go outdoors, you're likely to encounter beetles along the way. In fact, they're some of the most common insects on the planet and thrive in almost every climate. Beetles are often referred to as nuisance pests and invade homes and businesses at various times of the year. Getting rid of beetles starts with correctly identifying the pests before administering the appropriate pest control treatments.

What Do Beetles Look Like?

Beetles belong to the order Coleoptera, which contains nearly 400,000 species. They all vary in size, color and shape and prefer to eat plants in most cases. Whereas some eat seeds or wood, others devour fungi and dung. However, some beetle species are predators and feed on other small insects. You can find beetles with spots, such as the Asian lady beetle, and beetles with horns, such as the rhinoceros beetle. Some common beetles that invade landscapes and homes include:

  • Carpet beetles
  • Ground beetles
  • Ladybirds
  • Solider beetles
  • Darkling beetles


What's the Difference Between Beetles and Bugs?

Bugs and beetles are both insects and have a lot in common. They actually look similar but have two major differences with their mouthparts and wings.

Bugs belong to the order Hemiptera and have piercing mouthparts for sucking the juices out of plants. Beetles have chewing mouthparts for devouring leaves, seeds, dung and other organic food sources. A bug's wings, if it has any, are membranous and may be slightly thickened. A beetle has two sets of wings. The forewings are hard and protect the membranous hindwings that are hidden underneath.

Another difference is the life cycle. Juvenile bugs resemble the adults but without the wings. Juvenile beetles go through a complete metamorphosis. The larvae have a hardened head and chewing mouthparts; they also have legs and may look similar to caterpillars.

How to Get Rid of Beetles

You can use various insecticides to eliminate beetles inside and outside the home. Liquid insecticides with dinotefuran kill the pests on lawns, and pressurized aerosol insecticides with pyrethrins kill them on the spot both indoors and outdoors. Pedchem has numerous beetle control products for use on residential and commercial properties, all with highly effective ingredients for successfully killing and preventing beetle infestations.