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Some pests disgust people more than others do, such as the bedbug. It made a comeback in the 90s and has spread to homes, schools, businesses and even transport vehicles. This pest prefers to come out at night in search of food but will often attack people if they invade their space both indoors and outdoors.

Why are Bedbugs a Problem?

Bedbugs are invasive pests and quickly multiply to great numbers if they're left undisturbed. They're known as hitchhikers due to their keen ability to latch onto clothing, luggage and other items while riding to a new location. They've invaded numerous buildings over the years, such as hotels, schools and offices. These insects feed on blood and leave behind welts on their victims. They also have the potential to transmit Chagas disease to people if the pests are infected with the Trypanosoma cruzi parasite.

How to Identify Bedbugs

Bedbugs have brown, flat bodies with no wings. They hide in bedding, furniture and out-of-the-way places like baseboards, carpet and dressers. They can crawl into the smallest crevices in bed frames and mattress seams where they linger until it is time to feed. If you're inspecting for bedbugs, look for brown specks on the sheets; they leave behind fecal matter while they're active. Dead bugs may also be present after getting squished during the night.

Pest Control for Bedbugs

Various insecticides are available at Pedchem to treat bedbug infestations in homes and businesses. Liquids, granules, dusts and aerosols are made with ingredients such as sumithrin to eliminate bedbugs by targeting their central nervous system. Some pesticides contain two active ingredients, such as Alpine Dust. It dehydrates the pest with diatomaceous earth and finishes it off with dinotefuran, which paralyzes and kills the bedbug. Some popular bedbug control products include:

  • Bedlam Plus
  • CimeXa insecticide dust
  • Crossfire bedbug concentrate
  • Temprid Ready Spray


Bedbug Control for Quick and Lasting Results

Bedbugs are resistant pests and can survive through some of the harshest chemical treatments. It takes the right formula to kill the bugs completely, including the larvae and the eggs. If these pests aren't controlled right away, they'll multiply by the dozens in just a few weeks. Before you know it, a full-blown infestation has taken over your living, working and sleeping areas. No matter if you treat the infestation with dust or liquid insecticide, Pedchem has the most effective products to kill the bedbugs and to keep them from reinfesting your home or business.