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Earwigs don't look or act like most indoor pest insects. These slender insects have quite a history and look more threatening than they actually are. Their forceps look like they could do serious harm to a person, but these six-legged creatures pose no real threat to people or animals. Though they're not venomous or dangerous in any way, earwigs are considered nuisance pests and will infest interior spaces if they're not controlled in time.

Why are They Called Earwigs?

Back in the days before the internet, and even farther than that, a myth circulated among people regarding a certain insect with scary-looking pincers. Not only was the insect slender enough to fit inside people's ears and burrow into their brains, but the pincers looked deadly enough to rip the flesh from their bodies. Thankfully, times have changed, and there's absolutely no scientific evidence to back up those claims.

What Exactly is an Earwig?

An earwig is a six-legged insect with two antenna and forceps extending from its abdomen. It prefers to seek food at night and will quickly scurry back to its hiding place if it's spotted in the open. It enjoys dark and damp areas indoors and will nest around plumbing pipes beneath cabinets. It can be seen in basements, kitchens and bathrooms in homes across the country.

Earwig Control Products

Unlike some insect pests, such as cockroaches, earwigs don't pose a threat to people. As a nuisance pest, these insects invade homes to hide from predators and to search for better shelter. If they breed, it doesn't take long for an indoor earwig infestation to occur. They group together in dark places during the day and scatter in the night to look for food.

It's important to control earwigs right away to prevent an infestation from getting out of hand. One method is to remove them through physical means, such as with a vacuum or insect traps. Another method is to use chemical earwig control products containing ingredients that not only kill them on contact but also provide residual control.

Pedchem has numerous insecticides available to combat earwigs and to keep them from reinfesting homes and businesses. Liquid insecticides, glue boards, granules and other effective products from our collection kill and control earwigs, as well as eliminate other pest insects like ants, roaches and fleas. With a broad-spectrum pesticide, you can take care of multiple infestations at once and enjoy a pest-free living and working space.