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Roaches have roamed this planet for millennia and can live through the harshest weather. They can even survive through certain chemical exposures and continue breeding and populating the world. Most species prefer dark, moist environments and consume decaying matter. However, these pests have no problem invading buildings and setting up nests behind the walls, in the cabinets and under appliances.

Why are Roaches a Problem?

These pests contaminate every surface as they scurry about in the dark. They prefer to come out at night when everyone in the house is asleep. They'll crawl along countertops, personal items and food, leaving behind feces and diseases such as salmonella. Another problem with roaches is the rate at which they breed. These pests multiply by the hundreds within a few months and the thousands within a year. If you see a single roach crawling along the bathroom counter, chances are there are many more lurking behind the walls.

How to Identify Roaches

Numerous cockroach species exist in the world, but the German and American varieties show up the most in households across the country. The brown-banded cockroach also infests buildings but prefers warmer, drier locations. The German roach is small in size and has two lines running from its head to its wings. The American roach is much larger and has a tan-colored head and brownish wings; you'll also notice two dark spots behind the head.

Pest Control for Roaches

Roaches are considered pests and cause more problems for homeowners and business owners than many other pests combined. Massive infestations can bring down property value and close retail shops and restaurants. It takes serious pest control to eliminate a roach infestation, especially if it has spread throughout an interior. Some common roach control methods include

  • Granules
  • Liquid insecticides
  • Insect monitors
  • Glue boards
  • Dust

Each control method provides an effective way to kill and to control the roach population. Dust lingers and dehydrates the insects, cracking their exoskeletons. Liquid insecticides can kill them on the spot and provide residual control with the right formulation. Monitors and glue boards also work to capture the pests and to help control the population.

Roach Control for Homes and Businesses

Whether it's a single roach or an infestation, it's a good idea to take quick action before it gets out of hand. Roaches spread diseases and breed often, creating financial and health problems for residences and businesses. The roach control products here at Pedchem will help you eliminate the nuisance pests and prevent reinfestations.