Mites do not fall into the same category as insects; therefore, they require a different kind of pest control for complete eradication. These small, invasive pests belong to the same order as ticks, yet not all mites feed on the blood of animals and humans. A vast majority of mites actually feed on plants, which make them a threat in home gardens, greenhouses and farm crops. It takes a powerful miticide to eliminate the threat of red spider mites and other plant-destructive mite species.

Types of Miticides

Not all miticides contain chemicals in a spray form. Some miticides include natural treatments, such as predatory mites that feed on plant-feeding red and russet mites. In general, a miticide is a substance that only kills mites; however, chemical solutions may cause harm to bees, birds and mammals. In both controlled and uncontrolled environments, the use of a chemical miticide depends on its effects on the ecosystem surrounding it. Some well-known chemical miticides include:

  • Avid 0.15
  • Floramite SC
  • Hexygon DF
  • Sanmite 75WP
  • Shuttle O

About Miticides

Just because a miticide targets mites does not mean it affects all mites the same way. Some miticides have variations in their formulas for controlling specific mite species. Some also work on fruit-yielding trees, whereas others may cause harm. In addition, miticides vary according to their mode of action, how long they work and how quickly they kill. Furthermore, not all miticides target every life stage of the mite, so always read the labels for the exact information and directions for use.

Options and Use

Thankfully, a variety of miticides exist for almost every application. From the greenhouse to outdoor fields, miticides such as Avid and Floramite target mites on ornamental flowers, trees and shrubs. Avid even works on leafminers and aphids, knocking out three problematic pests in one shot.

Most miticides mix easily with water for spraying directly on the target area. They typically have no odor and leave behind no unsightly residue. Use miticides as part of an integrated pest management system for tackling two-spotted spider mites, red mites, rust mites and other destructive mite species in greenhouses, planting nurseries and shadehouses.

Avid 0.15 Miticide Insecticide - Phoenix Environmental Design Inc.
Avid 0.15 Miticide Insecticide $85.00 Sale $92.00 Prevent foliage damage in greenhouses and shade houses with Avid 0.15 EC miticide insecticide. Avid's... Details
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Beethoven TR Miticide/Insecticide - Phoenix Environmental Design Inc.
Beethoven TR Miticide/Insecticide $0.00 Gain total control of mites and whiteflies with Beethoven Total Release miticide/insecticide. This potent fogger... Details
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Floramite SC Ornamental Miticide Insecticide - Phoenix Environmental Design Inc.
Floramite SC Ornamental Miticide Insecticide $298.00 Floramite SC ornamental miticide insecticide kills mites and stops infestations in greenhouses and landscapes. It... Details
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Hexygon DF Miticide Insecticide - Phoenix Environmental Design Inc.
Hexygon DF Miticide Insecticide $238.14 Hexygon DF targets the immature and egg stages of mites in nursery stock and outdoor... Details
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Judo Miticide/Insecticide - Phoenix Environmental Design Inc.
Judo Miticide/Insecticide $390.90 Protect nursery and greenhouse ornamentals from whiteflies and spider mites with Judo miticide/insecticide. It has... Details
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Ovation SC Miticide Insecticide - Phoenix Environmental Design Inc.
Ovation SC Miticide Insecticide $285.00 Ovation SC helps you eliminate mite infestations and minimize population numbers for greater control. This... Details
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Sanmite 75WP Miticide/Insecticide - Phoenix Environmental Design Inc.
Sanmite 75WP Miticide/Insecticide $115.00 Sanmite 75WP miticide/insecticide protects ornamental plants, flowers and foliage crops from mites, whiteflies and other... Details
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Shuttle O Miticide Insecticide - Phoenix Environmental Design Inc.
Shuttle O Miticide Insecticide $148.89 Shuttle O Miticide targets a variety of mite species and kills all life stages, making... Details
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