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Arachnophobia – it's a real thing as many people across the world have a serious fear of spiders. Their gangly legs, multiple eyes and pointed fangs make them living nightmares. Not all spiders pose a threat to people, but others have enough venom to kill a human in minutes. Whether it's a few jumping spiders or a single black widow, it's important to take immediate action before an infestation occurs in your house or on your property.

Why are Spiders a Problem?

Spiders, in general, serve a useful purpose to humans. They help to capture nuisance insects and to control the pest population without the need to use insecticides. They're known as nature's pesticide, controlling everything from flies to roaches. However, some species contain powerful venom and can cause real harm to children and adults. Other species infest interiors and create ugly webbing throughout each room. Although they don't breed as quickly as roaches do, it doesn't take long for a few spiders to turn into dozens if you ignore the problem.

How to Identify Spiders

Too many spiders exist in the world to describe them all here. However, a few species stand out among the others and require professional spider control before they cause harm. The brown recluse is highly venomous, and its bite often requires medical attention. It mainly stays outdoors but will make its way indoors for shelter or to hunt for food. The infamous black widow also prefers to stay outdoors in voids. Its bite is more venomous than a rattlesnake's and can cause numerous symptoms in people, from muscle aches to difficulty breathing.

Pest Control for Spiders

Spiders don't always require control if there are few in number. They'll usually go away if there's no food source available to them in an area. However, for those that hang around, there are a few ways to treat the pests:

  • Liquid insecticide
  • Insecticide granules
  • Insecticide dust
  • Insect monitors and glue traps

Some products target a particular species, such as Onslaught FastCap. Its formula works quickly to kill brown recluse spiders and scorpions. Insect monitors work great for monitoring an infestation in your home. Glue boards trap them in place, and liquid insecticides kill them on the spot in most cases.

Spider Control for Numerous Species

No matter the species, there's a spider control product available at Pedchem to eliminate an infestation. If they're left untreated, spiders will multiply over time and continue building webs inside your home. With quick action, you can bring the infestation under control and keep your home free of spiders and other pests if you use a broad-spectrum insecticide.