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Sometimes you can't use chemical pesticides in a home or a business. In those cases, you'll need an alternative way to catch nuisance pests such as roaches and rodents. Equipment such as traps and glue boards are ideal for eliminating stubborn pests without the need to spray toxic chemicals indoors or outdoors. They effectively capture the pests and eliminate infestations on your property.

Equipment for Catching Pests

Pest control equipment comes in all sizes to deal with various pests. Some equipment captures numerous species at one time, such as glue boards. They contain scented glue for luring pests out of their hiding spots and onto the sticky surfaces. You can place the glue boards in areas where the pests travel, such as along baseboards or behind furniture. You can also place them outside a few feet apart to stop pests in their tracks along your home's or business's foundation.

Best Equipment for Insects

If you cant use an insecticide, it's best to rely on insect traps such as the Catchmaster 228i. It effectively captures insects and spiders as they walk along the floor. You can also stick the traps on the walls to catch various insects regardless of the surface. Insect monitors like the Catchmaster 100i serve two purposes: to catch pests and to monitor infestations. They work best for checking the infestation levels while using other pest control methods in the target area.

Rodent Control Traps

Catching and controlling rodent infestations is easy to do with spring-loaded traps. They're available in sizes to suit small mice and large rats and can also fit inside tamper-resistant bait stations. Modern traps, such as the Trapper T-Rex rat trap, have better designs and improved functionality over the traditional wood-based traps. You can set the traps 10 to 20 feet apart along a rodent's path and bait it with peanut butter for effective results.

Glue boards also work to capture mice and rats, preventing their escape. These boards come in handy when you're unable to set out snap traps in high-traffic areas such as offices and recreational sites. Alternatively, live catch-and-release traps are a humane option for capturing possums, raccoons and other large animals.

Pest Control Without the Pesticides

Not every pest control situation calls for chemical insecticides. Even if it's the best choice, you might not be able to apply a quick spray for eliminating stubborn pests. If you can't use a pesticide, Pedchem has numerous pest control equipment for capturing insects and rodents without getting your hands dirty. You can set up the snap traps and glue boards almost anywhere to catch and to eliminate many different pests, from roaches and earwigs to mice and rats. Whether it's for curative or preventative control, you can get the right equipment for the job here at