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Perfect lawns don't pop up overnight. They require watering, mowing and other standard maintenance practices just to look presentable in a neighborhood...
  • 10 min read
A vibrantly rich, green lawn makes any homeowner proud and every neighbor envious. Unless it's newly laid turf, it takes time and regular maintenance to grow...
  • 8 min read

Homeowners and landscapers everywhere approach weeds with one goal in mind: to remove them all from the property. Weeds grow out of control in yards across the world and steal vital nutrients from the grass, flowers and other plants. They grow in places where you do not want them to grow, ruin a lawn's aesthetic and crowd vegetables in the garden.

  • 5 min read

Insects can really damage turfgrass and lawn ornamentals if an infestation goes untreated. Ants create unsightly mounds in the yard, grasshoppers attack grass blades and grubs devour grass roots, leaving behind dead patches in the lawn. The damage happens gradually over time, starting with small patches that give way to completely dead areas where only soil remains.

  • 6 min read