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What is Glyphosate and How Does It Work in Winfield Cornerstone Plus Herbicide?

Cornerstone Plus Herbicide

What is Glyphosate in Winfield Cornerstone Plus?

Herbicides such as Winfield Cornerstone Plus kill various weeds, grasses and woody brush. They clear out lawns and landscapes in residential, commercial, industrial, recreational and out-of-the-way areas. Many of these herbicide products contain glyphosate, a potent ingredient that shows effective results when treating weeds on numerous sites.

How Does Glyphosate Work?

An herbicide comes in two variants: selective and nonselective. Whereas a selective herbicide targets specific plants, a nonselective herbicide kills most plants. Glyphosate is used in many nonselective herbicides, so it's important to apply a product containing this active ingredient very carefully. Otherwise, it will kill nontarget species. As the plant absorbs the glyphosate, the active ingredient goes to work and disrupts amino acid synthesis; the plant will die soon after.

Where Should You Use Glyphosate?

Glyphosate herbicides should be used on target plants in outdoor settings like residential and commercial lawns and landscapes. It may also be used in parks and other recreational sites such as golf courses. Apply the product directly on the plants for the best results. It will not affect the plant if it's applied only to the soil and the surrounding areas. Winfield Cornerstone Plus contains glyphosate and targets numerous weeds and grasses in and around:

  • Pastures
  • Rangelands
  • Shade houses
  • Greenhouses


What Does Glyphosate Kill?

Glyphosate kills any plant on which it is applied. Whether it's broadleaf weeds, annual grasses or woody plants, this active ingredient effectively eliminates the plants within four to 10 days depending on the species. Cornerstone Plus kills more than 100 different weed and grass species, including:

  • Foxtail
  • Henbit
  • Ragweed
  • Smartgrass
  • Witchgrass


Is Glyphosate Toxic?

Glyphosate is generally regarded as a safe chemical to use when controlling weed growth. However, at high dosages, this ingredient may pose some health risks to people after long-term exposure. The Environmental Protection Agency deems glyphosate safe to use and poses little risk to people and animals.

Cornerstone Plus Herbicide With Glyphosate

When broadleaf weeds, annual grasses and woody plants take over landscapes, use Cornerstone Plus herbicide with glyphosate for immediate and effective control. It's the main ingredient in many nonselective herbicides and helps to keep lawns, pastures and other target areas clear of invasive brush and weeds.

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