March 20, 2019 1 min read

Chickweed Mouse Ear

NCSU Turfgrass Centre,

What is Mouse-Ear Chickweed?

Mouse-ear chickweed gets its name from the small, hairy leaves that resemble mouse ears. It's a mat-forming perennial weed that blooms in late spring, producing small, white flowers. These weeds are found in lawns and pastures and can root at the node as well as spread by seed.

How to Get Rid of Mouse-Ear Chickweed

Taking preventative action is the best way to keep chickweed from infesting the landscape. Improved soil drainage and healthy, thick turf will reduce the number of weeds seen in the lawn. Pre-emergent herbicides with isoxaben are also very effective at stopping chickweed from emerging and establishing in the area. However, it should be applied prior to germination.