March 19, 2019 1 min read


Charles T. Bryson, USDA Agricultural Research Service,

What is Eclipta?

Eclipta is a prostrate annual weed and grows rapidly, eclipsing what used to be a beautiful landscape. Also called the false daisy, this weed is found along the East Coast, the South and in the Midwest. It has tapered leaves with slight teeth and green to reddish-brown stems. In mature weeds, the leaves may have hairs on each surface.

How to Get Rid of Eclipta Weeds

Eclipta weeds grow rapidly, so it's important to take quick pre-emergent control with a product containing isoxaben. Following the application with a half-inch of irrigation will also help. For plants that have established in the yard, a postemergent herbicide is necessary at controlling dense populations.