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Virginia Buttonweed: Getting Rid of Creeping Weeds

Virginia Buttonweed

Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic

What is Virginia Buttonweed?

Virginia buttonweed is recognizable by its star-shaped, white flowers that grow between the leaves and the stems. This perennial weed grows along the ground and produces thick, oblong, dark green seeds, which may appear lighter green on the undersides. This weed often carries a virus that gives it a yellowish appearance. The stems root at the nodes and may appear hairy, as do the petals on the flowers.

How to Get Rid of Virginia Buttonweed?

It's difficult to remove Virginia buttonweed by hand because it grows so low to the ground. The roots and fragments of the weed may be left behind and re-establish in the soil, causing another infestation. To combat this weed, it's best to use two- or three-way herbicides that contain ingredients such as clopyralid or dicamba. Some granular products may also help to eliminate buttonweed from the turf. It may take two or three applications to get rid of this perennial weed successfully.