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Caring for and maintaining a healthy lawn and garden takes more than applying pesticides and fertilizers; it also takes professional-grade weed killers. Like common turf pests, weeds cause problems for homeowners. Weeds grow through cracks in sidewalks and on driveways, reducing the visual appearance of the property. They also compete with flowers and other plantings, stealing vital nutrients that beneficial plants need to grow.

Choosing the Right Weed Killer

It takes the right kind of herbicide to target weeds in turf-grass and the garden. Four types of weed killers exist for certain jobs:

  • Pre-emergent: This type of weed killer offers preventative maintenance. Apply it in late spring of fall before weeds emerge.
  • Postemergent: This weed killer provides curative maintenance. Apply it when weeds emerge and grow beyond the grass level.
  • Selective: This weed killer targets specific weeds without harming other plant life in the area.
  • Nonselective: Use this type of weed killer to target and kill a variety of weeds in one shot.

Control Weed Growth for a Better Lawn

From dandelions and crabgrass to poison ivy and ragweed, herbicides eliminate common weeds and beautify the lawn. Prevent weed growth in spring and summer with pre-emergent weed killer, or get broad-spectrum control with a non-selective herbicide. When weeds threaten the look of the garden and the lawn, fight them off with an effective weed killer.

Tip: Combine the weed killer with a surfactant to provide more coverage and to create a water-resistant barrier.

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