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Contrac Rodenticide Ready-To-Use Place Pac

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Rodents such as mice and rats cause various problems for both residences and businesses, such as transmitting diseases and gnawing holes in walls and boxed goods. Contrac Rodenticide Ready-To-Use Place Packs contains the active ingredient Bromadiolone and a anticoagulant that kills the nuisance pests as they invade interior areas. The packs can also be used outdoors in and around places where rodents build nests and breed.

Features and Specifications

Active Ingredient(s) Bromadiolone - .005%
Pest Control RATS: Apply 4 to 16 Place Pacs (usually at intervals of 15 to 30 feet) per placement Maintain an uninterrupted supply of fresh bait for 10 days or until signs of rat activity cease to appear HOUSE MICE: Place 1 Place Pac at 8 to 12 foot intervals Maintain an uninterrupted supply of fresh bait for 15 days or until signs of mouse activity cease to appear Very cold or warm temperatures will mold or sour the bait faster
Sale Prohibited CA
Shipping Rate Free
EPA Registration 12455-75

How Contrac Rodent Pellets Work

Contrac rodent pellets contain a small but an effective percentage of bromadiolone. It's a highly poisonous anticoagulant that's used in many different rodenticide baits. Contrac differs from other baits, however, as the rodents don't shy away from or avoid the packs altogether. Once they ingest the ingredient, it decreases the vitamin K levels in the rodents and prevents blood clotting. The rodents will eventually die, and the infestation will be eliminated.

Where to Use Contrac Place Packs

Use Contrac rodenticide bait indoors and outdoors in commercial and residential areas. Set out the bait wherever the pests travel, such as along baseboards or near clutter in garages. Use the bait in storage areas in commercial buildings and outdoors where the rodents have been seen. Placing a pack every 15 to 30 feet can help make the bait more appealing and target even more rodents as they travel.

Target Pests

Contrac rodenticide pellet packs target mice and rats inside and outside homes and businesses. They may also target other curious rodents such as voles. The rodents will have to gnaw through the packs in order to obtain the bait and to ingest the poison. The active ingredient is less toxic to pets and nontarget animals, but an antidote known as vitamin K1 is available in case of emergencies.

Reasons to Use Contrac Rodent Pellets

  • Contains a highly poisonous ingredient to target mice and rats
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors in residential and commercial areas
  • Works in conjunction with snap traps and other rodent products for complete control
  • Can be placed in bait stations to keep the packs fresher for longer


Contrac Pellets Eliminate Rodents Quickly

Contrac rodenticide bait packs kill mice and rats using a highly potent anticoagulant. The packs lure curious rodents, and the bait starts to work at the moment of ingestion. It only takes one feeding for the ingredient to have a negative effect on the rodent. However, an additional feeding may be required depending on the size of the rat and the amount that it ingested.


It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. Do not apply this product in a way that will contact workers or other persons, either directly or through drift. Only protected handlers may be in the area during application. For any requirements specific to your State or Tribe, consult the agency responsible for pesticide regulations.


For additional information on this product please reference the CDMS label database listed below



Ask a Question
  • do you open the pacs?


  • Should the packs be opened and the contents let out, or do they remain closed for the mouse to chew through?

    Contrac comes in pre-measured polyglassine place pacs that keep pellets fresh and free from contamination until rodents open the plac pacs with their gnawing. Bait stations are mandatory for outdoor and above ground use to protect pets

  • expiration date

    3 years if unopened

  • Does Contrac cause rodents to leave the space in search of water and then die outside? I"m worried about having a dead rat inside my wwll.

    Please see the product label for the best answer to your question