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Dekko Silverfish Paks (Box 24 Packs)

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Silverfish are indoor pests that will feed on paper, cereal and other dried materials. They live on proteins and carbs and are often found in bathrooms and closets where they eat wallpaper and book bindings. Dekko Silverfish Paks work to get rid of silverfish and to keep them from causing an infestation and damaging personal items.

Features and Specifications

Active Ingredient(s) Boric acid 20%
Pest Control Silverfish, Firebrats
Sale Prohibited N/A
Shipping Rate Free
EPA Registration 70313-1

How Do Dekko Silverfish Paks Work?

Dekko Silverfish Paks contain 20 percent boric acid as the active ingredient. Because silverfish eat glue and paper, they will feed on the paper packs and consume the boric acid inside. This ingredient is a poison that affects the insects' central nervous system, as well as working as an abrasive dust, which causes cuts in their exoskeleton and dries them out.

Where to Use Dekko Silverfish Paks

Place Dekko Silverfish Paks inside areas where silverfish have been seen or could be lured by food attractants. Use them in closets and drawers, book shelves, bathrooms and storage areas such as attics and basements. They should be placed out of reach of children, so tuck them out of sight in cabinets or high on shelves. They will provide the best results when placed in areas where silverfish hide. Once placed, it will only take a few days or a few weeks to achieve complete silverfish control depending on the level of infestation.

Two or three packs is enough to cover up to 100 square feet of any space. Once the silverfish locate the packs, it may take a week to see visual results. Keeping the packs in these areas over time, even after the silverfish have been eliminated, will work preventively and stop future infestations from happening.

Features and Benefits

One box of Dekko Silverfish Paks contain 24 individual packs for use in areas where silverfish need to be controlled. These areas include crawl spaces and garages. Some of the main benefits of these packs include:

  • Shelf life up to four months
  • Won't leave behind residue
  • Provides control within weeks of placement

Get Rid of Silverfish with Dekko Paks

Dekko Silverfish Paks work very well at getting rid of a silverfish infestation. The glue inside the packs is infused with boric acid, helping to kill silverfish within days of ingestion. It's a simple set-it-and-forget-it way to eliminate the insects inside homes and other areas where they have invaded.


It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. Do not apply this product in a way that will contact workers or other persons, either directly or through drift. Only protected handlers may be in the area during application. For any requirements specific to your State or Tribe, consult the agency responsible for pesticide regulations.


For additional information on this product please reference the CDMS label database listed below



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