Eagle 20EW Specialty Fungicide

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When lawn and turf diseases threaten your landscape, take control with Eagle 20EW specialty fungicide. This liquid fungicide works to control a variety of target diseases, from dollar spot and brown patch to powdery mildew. Eagle 20EW stops the spread of lawn and turf diseases and protects ornamental plants in greenhouses and nurseries. Because it mixes easily with water, it applies evenly with a sprayer and provides full coverage throughout the target area.

How Eagle 20EW Works

Eagle 20EW specialty fungicide contains myclobutanil, a powerful ingredient that targets and controls numerous lawn and turf diseases. It not only treats the problem but also prevents future outbreaks in lawns, recreational fields and plant nurseries. Eagle 20EW comes in a convenient liquid formulation and offers systemic control across an entire landscape.

Where to Use Eagle 20EW

Use Eagle 20EW in areas where lawn fungi and ornamental plant diseases have taken hold or may grow in the future. Some target areas include:

  • Residential landscapes
  • Commercial property
  • Golf courses
  • Recreational areas
  • Athletic fields
  • Greenhouses

Apply Eagle 20EW on lawns, landscape ornamentals, vines and backyard fruit trees to cure and prevent plant diseases. Use it on chrysanthemums, poinsettias, roses and other ornamentals in greenhouses and nurseries. It protects apple trees and grape vines from deadly fungi and works best when it's applied on a 10-day application schedule.

Target Pests

Eagle 20EW kills many different lawn and turf diseases and provides long-lasting control. Some of the target diseases include:

  • Dollar spot
  • Brown patch
  • Necrotic ring spot
  • Leaf spot
  • Powdery mildew
  • Rusts
  • Septoria leaf spot

Eagle 20EW specialty fungicide also targets anthracnose, red thread and spring dead spot. It's labeled as a systemic protectant and helps plants, trees and lawns resist various diseases throughout every season.

Target Turf and Ornamental Diseases With Eagle 20EW

Whether it's brown patch or powdery mildew, Eagle 20EW stops killer diseases from destroying your lawn and ornamental plants. Use it in residential and commercial settings to help turfgrass, trees and flowers thrive against rusts and other invasive fungi. For superior control over turf and ornamental diseases, rely on Eagle 20EW specialty fungicide.

Active Ingredient(s)


Target Diseases

Dollar spot, Brown patch, Necrotic ring spot, Leaf spot, Powdery mildew, Rusts, Septoria leaf spot

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