Gravity Liquid Fertilizers

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Grow thicker, healthier lawns and plants with Gravity Liquid Fertilizers. Applying a fertilizer provides numerous benefits for ornamentals and turfgrass, from reducing the chance of weed growth to improving plant health and disease resistance. Gravity Liquid Fertilizers have Max-In technology to increase nutrient uptake in turf, ornamental and horticultural applications. For premium liquid fertilizers that offer the ultimate plant nutrition, go with Gravity.

How Gravity Liquid Fertilizers Work

Gravity Liquid Fertilizers contain both Max-In and CornSorb technologies for greater absorption and movement of nutrients through the plants. A University of Nebraska study shows that Gravity's advanced formulations drive more nutrients into the plants for immediate and maximum health benefits. Gravity liquid fertilizers come in five formulations and work in residential, commercial and horticultural settings.

Types of Gravity Liquid Fertilizers

  • Gravity L 5-0-0 has 4 percent iron, 2.4 percent sulfur, 0.5 percent magnesium, 0.75 percent manganese, 0.5 percent zinc, 0.05 percent copper, 0.02 percent boron and 0.0025 percent molybdenum.
  • Gravity L 12-0-0 has 5 percent iron and 1 percent manganese.
  • Gravity L 18-0-6 has 55 percent slow-release nitrogen, 0.4 percent iron and 0.2 percent manganese.
  • Gravity L 28-0-0 has 60 percent slow-release nitrogen.

Nutrient Uptake

Researchers at the University of Nebraska tested Gravity fertilizers on creeping bentgrass in a greenhouse. The creeping bentgrass showed significant uptake of nutrients between 15 and 240 minutes after application.

Gravity Fertilizer Features and Benefits

  • Improves nutrient uptake in lawns and ornamentals
  • Includes essential nutrients for maximum plant health
  • Contains Max-In and CornSorb technologies for absorption and nutrient movement
  • Delivers immediate health benefits within minutes of application

Gravity Premium Liquid Fertilizers

Gravity liquid fertilizers come in various formulations to give your lawn and plants what they need to grow healthy. Use Gravity fertilizers on residential lawns, commercial landscaping, greenhouse plants and gardens. Within 240 minutes after application, your plants will uptake the fertilizer and benefit from the nitrogen, manganese and other essential nutrients. For a healthier lawn and more vibrant plants, use Gravity liquid fertilizers with Max-In and CornSorb technologies.


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