Snapshot DG Selective Pre-Emergent Herbicide

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For season-long control of many broadleaf weeds and grasses, use Snapshot DG Selective Pre-Emergent Herbicide. It offers the same benefits of a liquid herbicide but comes in granule form. From barnyard grass to chickweed, Snapshot DG disperses easily throughout the area and eliminates invasive weeds and grasses for up to eight months. When you need long-term control over weeds in residential and commercial settings, turn to Snapshot TG pre-emergent herbicide.

How Snapshot DG Herbicide Works

Snapshot DG Selective Pre-Emergent Herbicide is similar to standard Snapshot, but it acts as a dispersible granule. Each spherical-shaped granule consists of thousands of subparticles that break apart in water. In fact, it only takes about 0.2 inches of water for Snapshot DG herbicide to work. When mixed with water, it delivers the active ingredients to the target area. Afterward, it battles stubborn weeds and grasses and provides long-term control.

When to Use Snapshot DG

You should apply Snapshot DG selective pre-emergent herbicide early in the spring before target weeds and grasses germinate. You can also apply it anytime after cultivation and again in late summer or early fall. For the best results, irrigate the soil within three days to help Snapshot DG disperse over the entire area. Snapshot DG is safe to use on:

  • Field- and container-grown ornamentals
  • Nonbearing fruit and nut trees
  • Nonbearing vineyards
  • Trees and shrubs
  • Groundcovers and perrenials

Use Snapshot DG to Control Weeds and Grasses

For long-term control of target weeds and grasses, Snapshot TG provides the ultimate protection and prevention. Use this powerful, highly effective herbicide to save landscapes from stubborn weeds and to save money on hand-weeding labor costs. Snapshot DG binds to the soil and has low water solubility, meaning it won't drift from the root zone and affect other areas.

Active Ingredient(s)

Trifluralin -2%  Isoxaben -0.5%

Target Weeds ssaster, barnyard grass, annual bluegrass, bursage, wild celery, chickweed, clover, crabgrass, cudweed, cupgrass, fiddleneck, filaree, fleabane, foxtail, henbit, horseweed, junglerice, knotweed, lambsquarters, mallow, mustard, nightshade, wild oats, panicum, pepperweed, pigweed, pineappleweed, plantain, purslane, wild radish, ragwood, London rocket, shepherdspures, sibara, smartweed, sowthistle, speedwell purslane, Russian thistle, witchgrass, bittercress, brassbutton, wild carrot, chickweed, dandelion, foxtail, galinsoga, eclipta, groundsel, geranium, ladysthumb, prickly lettuce, lovegrass, marestail, mayweed, morningglory, pennywart, ryegrass, spurge, tansy, woodsorrel, brome, barley, burclover, cheat, datura, dogfennel, fescue goosegrass, jimson weed, knotweed, kochia, turkey mullein, burning nettle, bristle oxtongue, scarlet pimpernel, sandbur, signal grass, stinkgrass, sunflower, swinecress, bindweed, carpetweed, johnson grass, milkweed, and shattercane
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