Trace Nonionic Wetter Activator for Aquatic Herbicides

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Alligare Trace non-ionic wetter activator increases the effectiveness of herbicides and helps them to eradicate broadleaf weeds, woody plants and brush more efficiently. Added to an herbicide, Trace improves wetting and coverage, giving it more area in which to work and penetrate the foliage. Although it's an environmentally safe byproduct from citrus, Trace can burn desirable vegetation when it's misused. Therefore, refer to the label for specific guidelines regarding amounts and application rates. If you need to improve herbicidal performance, combine your product with Alligare Trace adjuvant.

What is an Adjuvant?

An adjuvant is a substance that enhances the primary ingredient in an herbicide. It may include compatibility and buffering agents to create better mixing conditions with certain products. Using an adjuvant is most helpful for postemergent weed control to increase herbicide activity and help the active ingredient to penetrate and kill the plant. Some adjuvants may also help to keep the herbicide active and from washing away in heavy rainfall. 

How Does Alligare Trace Work?

Alligare Trace contains 100 percent D-limonene, surfactants and select emulsifiers. These functioning agents, when added to an herbicide, give it improved wetting performance during application. It reduces the tension between the herbicide and the target weed, helping the plant to absorb the ingredients more easily and take effect more quickly. Using an herbicide without Trace adjuvant may result in less coverage and penetration. 

Where to Use Alligare Trace

Use Alligare Trace with a compatible herbicide according to the label. It can increase wetting, penetration and activation of various pesticides on aquatic and terrestrial weeds. It helps the product work more effectively on surface and submerged vegetation, including land-dwelling weeds on rights of way and forestry sites. Depending on the weather and the application type, you can either increase or decrease the amount of Trace in your tank mixture.

Alligare Trace Features and Benefits

  • Works with compatible herbicides for enhanced performance
  • Improves wetting and activation of herbicides on woody and broadleaf weeds
  • Helps target aquatic and terrestrial weeds on ponds and forestry sites
  • Can be used at high and low rates depending on the application

Tips for Using Alligare Trace

  • Add Trace as the last ingredient in the tank before adding more water.
  • Avoid highly concentrated dilutions to prevent defoliation of desirable plants.
  • Increase the amount when heavy rainfall threatens to wash away the first application.

Alligare Trace Improves Herbicidal Performance

For tank-mixing with aquatic and agricultural herbicides, Alligare Trace non-ionic wetter activator is the ideal choice. It enhances wetting and coverage and improves penetration on target weeds. You can increase or decrease the amount for less or more effectiveness depending on the situation. When you need a powerful adjuvant for your herbicide, make the decision to use Alligare Trace.



Always follow the directions on the pesticide label carefully. The rates below are to be used only if they are not specified on the pesticide label. If the pesticide does not offer directions about mixing order, add Alligare Trace as the last ingredient before making the final addition of water. Ensure thorough mixing by agitation or shaking.


For additional information on this product please reference the Material Safety Data Sheet and Product Label listed below. For the most current registration information, call (888) 255-4427. SIZES.

    Active Ingredient(s)

    D-Limonene, surfactants and selected emulsifiers 100%



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