Gulfstream Adjuvant for Herbicides, Pesticides, and Insecticide

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Gulfstream Adjuvant improves spray coverage and contains a proprietary system that combines well with insecticides, fungicides and other herbicides. It promotes greater absorption of products on the plants’ leaves and increases solubility of specific pesticides. In addition, Gulfstream Adjuvant significantly improves overall broadleaf weed control. Improve foliar coverage and uptake with Gulfstream Adjuvant. This nonionic surfactant contains nonylphenol polyethylene and other active ingredients to lower spray solution pH, reduce hydrolysis and improve the performance of certain herbicides, pesticides and fungicides. It also reduces the smell and the UV breakdown of some insecticides, helping them to work more effectively without causing an unpleasant odor.

Gulfstream Features and Benefits

Gulfstream adjuvant works by reducing surface tension so that herbicides and other foliar-applied products spread out over the leaf's surface. It promotes further absorption on the surface and improves spray coverage in dense foliage. Because Gulfstream adjuvant lowers spray solution pH, it increases solubility of some insecticides. However, not all pesticides respond well to lower pH levels. Therefore, check with the product labels for more information regarding the pH response.

Use Gulfstream adjuvant to:

  • Help leaves absorb herbicides and pesticides
  • Improve coverage throughout thick foliage
  • Reduce the smell of certain pesticides
  • Promote fast spreading for quicker results
  • Lowers spray solution pH
  • Increases pesticide solubility 
  • Contains proprietary technology for enhance performance
Active Ingredient(s)

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 Adjuvant Surfactant

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