WICK Adjuvant for Pesticides Indoor Use

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Wick adjuvant works to improve both the distribution and the absorption properties of pesticides into carpet fibers and other textile surfaces. As a textile spreader and penetrant, Wick improves the efficacy of indoor and outdoor pesticides and enhances the control of bed bugs, cockroaches and other hard-to-kill pest insects. Thanks to its specialized formula, Wick is tough on pests but easy on carpets and rugs. When pesticides fail to do their job, enhance their effectiveness with Wick adjuvant.

How Wick Adjuvant Works

Wick adjuvant is a surfactant and is labeled for both indoor and outdoor use. It improves pest control by increasing the distribution of pesticides over large carpeted areas without effecting stain guards. In fact, Wick adjuvant contains a nonstaining formula and has minimal impact on carpet dyes. It not only works well on carpets, rugs and mattress ticking but also provides effective treatment in cracks and crevices.

Do not apply Wick adjuvant on hard, nontextile surfaces as it can create hazardous walking conditions. It works best on textile surfaces to treat and prevent pest infestations in residential, commercial and industrial settings. Wick stops fleas and bed bugs from spreading and contaminating other areas of homes and businesses, and it works in outdoor areas to stop pests at the source.

Wick Adjuvant Features and Benefits

  • Contains a nonstaining formula for use on rugs, carpets and mattress ticking
  • Improves the efficacy of pesticides on textile fibers
  • Enhances the spreading and penetration of insecticidal treatments
  • Increases the absorption of pesticides into fibers for deeper coverage
  • Works well for indoor crack and crevice treatments

Wick Adjuvant Provides Better Insect Control

In WinField studies, Wick adjuvant showed to improve and speed the control of German cockroaches when used with a deltamethrin insecticide. In two trials, combining Wick with an insecticide produced a higher mortality rate in German cockroaches for up to 10 days after application. WinField conducted a similar test with deltamethrin insecticides alone and with Wick adjuvant on carpet samples. After removing the samples and introducing the cockroaches, the areas where Wick was used showed higher kill rates.

WinField also conducted a controlled timing study with Wick adjuvant and deltamethrin. German cockroaches were introduced to the target area after 24 hours. When compared to using deltamethrin alone, Wick adjuvant plus the deltamethrin showed faster kill rates of German cockroaches after one day of exposure. In a droplet study, Wick was shown to double the size of a droplet on a surface, proving that it promotes better coverage over an area.

Improve Indoor and Outdoor Pest Control With Wick Adjuvant

Wick nonionic adjuvant works indoors and outdoors to provide better distribution, penetration and effectiveness of pesticides in a target area. It works quickly to kill cockroaches, fleas and other invasive insects and provides residual control for days after the first application. Wick adjuvant doesn't stain carpets or other textile surfaces and penetrates deep into the fibers for long-lasting control. For improved pest control in residential and commercial areas, combine your pesticides with Wick adjuvant.

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