March 20, 2019 1 min read

Dwarf beggarweed

Dwarf beggarweed, J.M. Garg,

What is Dwarf Beggarweed?

Dwarf beggarweed is very similar to creeping beggarweed in how it propagates and spreads. This perennial weed has three heart-shaped leaflets that are very similar in size, producing blue or purple-pink flowers during the warmer months; the prostrate has hairy stems which root at the nodes.

How to Kill and Control Beggardweed, Dwarf

It’s best to take preventative control before dwarf beggarweed takes over your lawn. Maintain lush, resistant grass and keep it at a proper mowing height to prevent weed establishment. For beggarweed that has emerged and spread, using an herbicide containing triclopyr and clopyralid can help to eliminate it from your property.