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Winfield Adjuvants Product Guide

Primary use Key:
T = Turf
O = Ornamental
P = Pest
A = Aquatic
VM = Vegetation Management

Aircover T, O, A Super droplet spreader An organosillicone product that significantly increases droplet spread, which allows more complete coverage of the target including movement of the droplets into seems and folds. Ideal for insecticides and miticides. 6-64 fl oz/100 gal
AirTech T, O, A, VM Water Conditioner Treats hard water and contains a spreader sticker to improve glyphosate performance. Ideal for glyphosate. 1-4 gal/100 gal
Aqua-King Plus A Aquatic spreader sticker A non-ionic surfactant with buffering agents labeled for use in aquatic systems and specifically formulated for use with aquatic herbicides. 1-4 pts/100 gal
Atmos T, A, VM Methylated Seed Oil Highly concentrated methylated seed oil for use with herbicides on tough to control weeds. 1-8 pts/100 gal
Breeze T, O, P,  A, VM Water Conditioner & Acidifier Lowers carrier water pH, treats hard water and contains a spreader/sticker to maximize pesticide performance. The best adjuvant to treat poor carrier  water quality. 4-32 fl oz/100 gal
Droplex T, O, A, VM Reduced Drift & In-
creased Deposition
Reduces fine spray droplets to increase the number of droplets reaching the spray target and penetrating plant canopies thus increasing pesticide performance. Highly effective a reducing drift risk. 6-10 fl oz/acre
Droplex Xtra T, O, A, VM Reduced Drift & En-
hanced Spreading
Combines the technologies of Droplex and Gulfstream to reduce fine droplets and enhance spreading on the surface 16-32 fl oz/acre
Diluent Blue VM Basal Oil Used with vegetation management and industrial herbicides to improve uptake and kill. 5-50% herbicide
Fast Break T, O, P, A, VM Preventative Anti-Foam Placed in the tank before chemicals, this adjuvant will prevent foam from occurring during spray tank filling 1 oz/100 gal
Foaminator Dry T, O, P, A, VM Knockdown Anti-Foam A rescue treatment when foam accumulates during the spray tank filling process. 1-2 Shakes/100 gal
Gulfstream T, O, P, VM Spreader sticker A specially formulated spreader sticker to increase product uptake. Contains a buffering agent to treat and improve carrier water. Contains a UV inhibitor to prevent pesticide breakdown due to UV exposure. Ideal for herbicide application 0.5-4 pts/100 gal
Promark T, O, VM Foam Marking Agent Produces foam for foam marking machines to improve spray tracking and visibility. 1 gal/100 gal
T, O, P, A, VM Pesticide deactivating
sprayer cleaner
Binds and deactivates pesticides in equipment while removing deposits to minimize contamination and increase sprayer cleanliness. 1 qt/100-300 gal
Turbulence T, O, A, VM Spreading Methylated
Seed Oil
A combination adjuvant with methylated seed oil and organo-silicone to improve overall plant coverage and uptake. Ideal for herbicides on tough to control weeds. 2-16 pts/100 gal
Wick P Indoor labeled spreader
A special spreading technology labeled for indoor use and designed to increase insecticide movement in fabrics 2 fl oz/gal

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