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Winfield Herbicide Adjuvant Selection Guide

4 Speed™ XT Isooctyl, Dicamba, Pyraflufen* Gulfstream®
Acclaim® Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl*
Accord® Glyphosate Breeze®
Aquathol® K Endothall Aqua-King Plus®
Arsenal® Imazapyr* Gulfstream®
Avast!™ SC Fluridone
Avenue™ South Penoxsulam, Sulfentrazone, Dicamba,
Banvel® Dicamba*
Barricade® Prodiamine AirCover®
Basagran® Bentazone Atmos®
Bensumec™ Bensulide* Gulfstream®
Blindside® Sulfentrazone, Metsulfuron-Methyl*
Captain® Copper Carbonate Aqua-King Plus®
Celsius® Dicamba, Theincarbazone-Methyl* Atmos®
Certainty® Sulfosulfuron* Gulfstream®
Change Up™ MCPA, Fluroxypyr, Dicamba*
Clearcast® Imazamox* Aqua-King Plus®
Clipper® Flumioxazin*
Confront® Triclopyr, Clopyralid* Gulfstream®
Cool Power® Isooctyl, Butoxyethanol ester, Dicamba*
Cornerstone® Plus Glyphosate Breeze®
Crossbow® 2,4-D, Triclopyr Atmos®
Cutrine-Plus® Copper Aqua-King Plus®
Defendor® Florasulam* Gulfstream®
Dimension® Dithiopyr*
Dismiss® Sulfentrazone*
DMA® 4 IVM 2,4-D*
Drive® Quiclorac Atmos®
Echelon® Sulfentrazone, Prodiamine* Gulfstream®
Element® Triclopyr*
Envoy® Clethodim*
Escalade® 2,4-D, Fluroxypyr, Dicamba*
Esplanade® Indaziflam*
Finale® Glufosinate*
Frequency® Topramezone Breeze®
Fusilade® Fluazifop-p-butyl* Gulfstream®
Galleon® Penoxsulam* Aqua-King Plus®
Gallery® Isoxaben* Gulfstream®
Garlon® Triclopyr*
Goal® Oxyfluorfen*
Habitat® Imazapyr*
Horsepower® MCPA, Triclopyr, Dicamba*
Hyvar® Bromacil Breeze®
Image® Imazaquin* Gulfstream®
Imazuran™ Imazapyr, Diuron*
Katana® Flazasulfuron*
Kerb® Pronamide*
Krovar® Diuron, Bromacil*
Last Call™ Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl, Fluroxypyr,
Lontrel® Clopyralid*
Manor® Metsulfuron-Methyl*
Marengo™ Indaziflam AirCover®
Milestone™ Pyridine* Gulfstream®
Millennium™ 2,4-D, Clopyralid, Dicamba*
Monument® Trifloxysulfuron Sodium*
MSMA Metsulfuron-Methyl Breeze®
Nautique® Copper Carbonate* Aqua-King Plus®
Octane® Pyraflufen ethyl* Gulfstream®
Opensight® Aminopyralid, Metsulfuron-Methyl* Gulfstream®
Oust® Sulfometuron, Metsulfuron Breeze®
Overdrive® Diflufenzopyr, Pyridinecarboxylic,
Pathfinder® Triclopyr*
Pathway® Picloram, 2,4-D*
Patron® 2,4-D, Dichlorprop*
Pendulum® Pendimethalin AirCover®
Pennant® Metolachlor* Gulfstream®
Perspective® Aminocyclopyrachlor, Chlorsulfuron Atmos®
Polaris® Imazapyr* Gulfstream®
PowerZone® Carfentrazone, MCPA, MCPP, Dicamba*
Princep® Simazine*
ProDeuce® Glyphosate, Prodiamine*
Pronto® Vegetation Killer Glyphosate Breeze®
Prosedge™ Halosulfuron-Methyl* Gulfstream®
Pylex® Topramezone*
Q4® Quinclorac, Sulfentrazone, 2,4-D,
Quicksilver® Carfentrazone*
Quincept® Dimethylamine, Quinclorac, Dicamba*
Ranger Pro® Glyphosate Breeze®
Refuge™ Glyphosate
Remedy® Triclopyr* Gulfstream®
Renovate™ Triclopyr*
Reward® Diquat* Aqua-King Plus®
Rodeo® Glyphosate
Ronstar® Oxadiazon AirCover®
Roundup® Glyphosate Breeze®
Sahara® Imazapyr, Diuron* Gulfstream®
Scythe® Pelargonic Acids*
SeClear® Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate Aqua-King Plus®
Segment® Sethoxydim* Gulfstream®
Sencor® Metribuzin*
Sethoxydim Sethoxydim*
Solitare® Sulfentrazone, Quinclorac*
Sonar® Fluridone Aqua-King Plus®
Specticle® Indaziflam AirCover®
SpeedZone® Carfentrazone, 2,4-D, MCPP, Dicamba* Gulfstream®
Spike® Tebuthiuron*
SquareOne® Carfentrazone, Quinclorac*
Stalker® Imazapyr*
Stingray® Carfentrazone* Aqua-King Plus®
Strike 3® 2,4-D, Dicamba, MCPP* Gulfstream®
SureGuard® Flumioxazin*
Surge® Sulfentrazone, 2,4-D, MCPP, Dicamba*
Telar® Chlorsulfuron*
Tenacity® Mesotrione*
Tordon® Picloram*
Tower® Dimethanamid*
Tradewind® Bispyribac* Aqua-King Plus®
Transline® Clopyralid* Gulfstream®
Triamine® 2,4-D, MCPP, Dichlorprop*
Tribune™ Diquat* Aqua-King Plus®
Tribute® Total Foramsulfuron, ThiencarbazoneMethyl,
Trimec® 2,4-D, MCPP, Dicamba* Gulfstream®
Triplet® 2,4-D, MCPP, Dicmaba*
Tupersan® Siduron*
Turflon® Ester Triclopyr*
T-Zone™ Triclopyr, Sulfentrazone, 2,4-D,
Vanquish® Diglycolamine*
Velocity® Bispyribac*
Velpar® Hexazinone*
Viewpoint® Imazapyr, Aminocyclopyrachlor,
Vista® Fluroxypyr Atmos®

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