Winfield Fungicide Adjuvant Selection Guide

August 13, 2018 1 min read

Adorn® Fluopicolide* Droplex™
Affirm™ Polyoxin D*
Alude™ Mono di potassium salts of Phos acid*
Appear® Potassium Phosphite*
Armada® Trifloxystrobin, Triadimefon*
Banner Maxx® Propiconazole*
Banol® Propamocarb hydrochloride*
Bayleton® Triadimefon*
Briskway™ Difenconazle, Azoxystrobin*
Camelot® O Copper
Chipco® 26GT® Iprodione*
Chipco® Triton® FLO Triticonazole*
Civitas™ Mineral Oil
Cleary 3336® Thiophanate-Methyl*
Compass® Trifloxystrobin*
Concert® Propiconazole, Chlorothalonil*
Cupro™ Copper Sulfate
Curalan Vinclozolin*
Daconil® Chlorothalonil* Droplex™ + Aircover®
Decree® Fenhexamid Droplex™
Dithane® Mancozeb*
Eagle® Myclobutanil*
Emblem™ Fludioxonil
Emerald® Boscalid*
Empress® Intrinsic® Pyraclostrobin
Enclave® Chlorothalonil, Iprodione, ThiophanteMethyl,
Droplex™ + Aircover®
Fame™ Fluoxastrobin* Droplex™
Fenstop™ Fenamidone
Fore® Mancozeb* Droplex™ + Aircover®
Green-Shield® Quaternary Amines Droplex™
Headway® Azoxystrobin, Propiconazole*
Heritage® Azoxystrobin*
Honor® Pyraclostobin, Boscalid*
Insignia® Pyraclostobin*
Instrata™ Chlorothalonil Propiconazole, Fludioxonil*
Interface® Iprodione, Trifloxystrobin*
Junction® Mancozeb*
Lexicon® Fluxapyroxad, Pyraclostrobin*
Medallion® Fludioxonil*
Micora® Mandipropamid
Mirage® Tebuconazole*
Pageant® Pyraclostobin, Boscalid
Palladium® Cyprodinil, Fludioxinil
Penthalon® LF Mancozeb
Pipron® Piperalin
Prostar® Flutolanil* AirCover®
Renown® Chlorothalonil, Azoxystrobin* Droplex™
Secure® Fluazinam* Droplex™ + Aircover®
Segway® Cyazofamid* Droplex™
Signature™ XTRA Aluminum tris*
Spectro® 90 Chlorothalonil, Thiophanate-Methyl*
Spotrete™ Thiram
Stature® Dimethomorph
Stellar® Fluopicolide, Propamocarb*
Strike® Triadimefon
Subdue Maxx® Mefenoxam*
Tartan® Trifloxystrobin, Triadimefon*
Tebuconazole Tebuconazole*
Terraguard® Triflumizole
Terrazole® Etridiazole
Topaz® Propiconazole*
Tourney® Metconazole*
Trinity® Triticonazole*
Turfcide® PCNB* Droplex™ + Aircover®
Velista™ Penthiopyrad* Droplex™
Xzemplar® Fluxapyroxad*

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