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Winfield Insecticide Adjuvant Selection Guide

Abamectin Abamectin AirCover®
Acelepryn® Chlorantraniprol
Adept® Diflubenzuron
Akari® Fenpyroximate
Allectus™ Imidacloprid, Bifenthrin
Amdro® Pro Hydramethylnon
Arena® Clothianidin
Aria® Flonicamid
Astro® Permethrin
Avid® Abamectin
Award® Abamectin
Azatin® Azadirachtin
Chipco® Sevin® Carbaryl
Chlorpyrifos Chlorpyrifos
Citation® Cyromazine
Conserve® Spinosad
Criterion™ Imidacloprid
Decathlon® Cyfluthrin
DeltaGard® Deltamethrin
Dimilin® Diflubenzuron
Dipel® Pro Bacillus Thuringiensis
Discus™ Cyfluthrin, Imidacloprid
Distance® Pyriproxyfen
Duraguard® Chlorpyrifos
Duraplex® Chlorpyrifos, Cyfluthrin
Dursban® Chlorpyrifos* Gulfstream®
Dylox® Trichlorfon AirCover®
Endeavor® Pymetrozine
Endzone™ Acetamiprid
Ference™ Cyantraniliprole
Flagship® Thiamethoxam
Floramite® Difenazate
Forbid® Spiromesifen
Gnatrol® Bacillus Thuringiensis
Hachi-Hachi® Tolfenpyrad
Judo Spiromesifen
Kontos® Spirotetramat
Mainspring® Cyantraniliprole
Marathon® Imidacloprid
Meridian® Thiamethoxam
Merit® Imidacloprid
Minx™ Abamectin
Nortica® Bacillus firmus
ONYX® Bifenthrin
Ornazin® Azadirachtin
Orthene® Acephate
Overture® Pyridaly
Pedestal® Novaluron
Preclude® Isaria fumosorosea Apopka Strain 97
ATCC 20874
Preferal™ Pyrethroid
Promite® Fenbutatin-oxide
Pylon® Chlorfenapyr
Pyreth-It® Pyrethrins, Piperonyl Butoxide
Rycar® Pyrifluquinazon
Safari® Deltamethrin
Scimitar® Lambda-cyhalothrin
Sevin® Carbaryl
Shuttle® Acequinocy
Siesta Fire and Bait™ Metaflumizone
Sirocco® Bifenazate, Abamectin
Sultan™ Cyflumetofen
Talstar® Bifenthrin
Talus® Buprofezin
Tandem® Thiamethoxam, Lamba-Cyhalothrin
Tempo® Cyfluthrin
TetraSan® Etoxazole
Topchoice® Fipronil Amino, Pyrazole Carbonitrile
Triact® Neem oil
Triple Crown® Zeta-Cypermethrin, Bifenthrin,
TriStar® Acetamiprid
Ultra-Pure® Oil Petroleum Oil
Xxpire® Spinetoram, Sulfoxaflor

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